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Sinclair Refineries

Sinclair operates three of the most up-to-date refineries and one of the longest running refieneries in western America, supplying customers the highest quality Sinclair gasolines, diesel fuel, and jet fuel. Together their plants produce 80,000 barrels of petroleum each day.

Over 1,000 miles of pipeline are operated by Sinclair in the Rocky Mountains, moving crude oil to Sinclair refineries and finished product to our marketing terminals.

Sinclair Gasoline with SG-2000 Detergent Additive

All Sinclair gasolines are fortified with SG-2000, the latest clean-up and keep-clean gasoline additive. SG-2000 prevents intake valve deposits, keeps fuel injectors and carburetors clean, helps control exhaust emissions and protects against corrosion. Using the BMW test procedure, the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas has proven that Sinclair gasolines meet the Unlimited Mileage Criteria

Premium Diesel

Sinclair Premium Diesel is specially formulated to increase engine performance while lowering maintenance costs. This high cetane fuel has been shown to increase fuel economy in a four million mile fleet test. The test also showed that Sinclair Premium Diesel protects against corrosion and sludge formation as it increases power and reduces smoke.

Motor Oil

Sinclair Supreme Motor Oil is refined to protect engines operating at high temperatures and under heavy loads. Sinclair Supreme provides extra protection against harmful engine deposits to help control piston ring, bearing and valve train wear. Sinclair Supreme Motor Oil assures excellent low temperature starting and maximum protection against rust.

Sinclair Oil Corporation celebrated their 100th year helping western America drive with confidence. Formed from the assets of eleven small petroleum companies in 1916, Sinclair is one of the oldest continuous names in the oil business.


Sinclair gasoline and ethanol, as well as diesel

is available at the convenience store.

Call to order bulk propane, gas and diesel fuel for same day delivery.

Soy and Premium diesel are also available.

Call for prices and forward contracting information.

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